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Summer Fun

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Summer is a time for fun, but it is important to be aware of some of the dangers our summer activities can pose to our teeth. Whether it is a chipped tooth from falling on a bike, or a baseball to the mouth, some injuries won’t be preventable. But it’s good to have a plan for when it does happen.

In addition to a plan, there is a lot of preventative sports gear on the market. During contact sports, it is important for children to wear proper mouthguards. Mouthguards are also important in biking, skateboarding and inline skating.

For young children, follow guidelines to childproof your house to try and minimize falls. Anytime your child has pain in their mouth and you are concerned it could be a larger issue, it is good to call Dr. Gallo just to check and see if you need to come in.

If a permanent adult tooth is chipped or knocked out, it is considered a medical emergency, but there is a possibility the tooth can still be saved. Here’s what you should do if your child’s permanent tooth gets chipped or knocked out:

  • Find the tooth
  • Call your dentist or go to the emergency room
  • Place the tooth in milk or a saline solution if it was knocked out
  • If the child is bleeding place gauze in their mouth and have them bite down

Summer is meant for fun activities, don’t let dental injuries get in the way! If your child does experience a dental emergency, don’t delay in calling us. For any dental injuries, including a chipped baby tooth, you can call the office and chat with one of our team members to see what they recommend. We are always here to help!

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