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More Tips on Preventing Cavities

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Last time, we explained why cavities are bad even in baby teeth and gave some simple tips to help avoid them. There’s lots more you can do to help keep those teeth happy and healthy.

Think about the foods you eat. Starchy foods can get stuck on the tops and in between teeth and cause problems. Don’t worry, we aren’t saying never eat chips or treats in moderation, just make sure you brush or rinse after eating that meal. If brushing is not immediately available make sure to drink and rinse with water. Even a simple act like swishing cold water can help remove leftover food particles.

Come see us! Good proper dental health means not just coming to the dentist when there is a problem. We often see things long before you notice them and we can hopefully help you correct issues before they become problems.

Consider sealants. One of the many options Dr. Gallo may recommend is teeth sealants. Sealants are a clear barrier that can keep food and bacteria out of the small grooves in teeth. Sealants last for several years before needing replacement and can help if you miss a spot brushing.

Brushing properly. Giving your child the responsibility of brushing or flossing on their own should only be done if you are sure they are doing it properly and not before the age of 8 years old. Otherwise continue to instruct them and brush your own teeth beside them. If they are brushing on their own, be sure to verify they have done it by checking their toothbrush or having them do it in a common area of your home. Remember if it is not done well to do it for them to prevent dental issues.

Don’t share food and drinks. Although there are other concerns about spreading germs, sharing food and drinks can spread bacteria if someone’s mouth has already come in contact with that food or drink. Sharing a package of carrots is okay if everyone has washed their hands, but if you are sharing a milkshake, everyone should portion their own into their own cups. And be sure to brush that sugar away afterwards!

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