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Common Causes of Overbite

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No matter how good of habits your child has, they probably can’t avoid a trip to the orthodontist. Most of the issues fixed by orthodontia is caused by your child’s skeletal structure, but there are some behaviors to watch out for that may negatively impact your child’s oral health.

Thumb sucking

If your child is still sucking their thumb after the age of 3, it can actually change the way your child’s teeth develop and cause problems. You can talk to Dr. Gallo or your child’s pediatrician for some tips on how to stop the behavior.

When to see an orthodontist?

Most orthodontic procedures can begin in the pre teen years, but there are some procedures that can begin earlier. It is necessary to evaluate your child’s growth and development, which Dr. Gallo will do at each visit. Some children can start the orthodontic process as early as 5 or 6 years old depending on their specific needs. Speak with Dr. Gallo if you have any concerns and she may recommend seeing an orthodontist. Some simple procedures like a pallet expander may be recommended to prevent worse problems down the road.

Tongue Thrusting

Tongue Thrusting is an involuntary movement your child may do. It’s tough to catch because your child may not know they are doing it. If it starts affecting the teeth, Dr. Gallo can catch it and make you aware of the habit. There are orthodontic appliances as well that can help break the habit.
Having orthodontic issues that are not corrected can lead to serious problems including more cavities, jaw pain, difficulty speaking and headaches. Dr. Gallo is always on the lookout for things that may cause problems down the road and will recommend seeking treatment if necessary, and don’t worry, according to the American Dental Association, nearly 70 percent of children exhibit signs of having an overbite.



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