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Best Remedies for Teething Babies

Teething - Southwoods Smile Squad

Teething isn’t fun. It can be a painful process for babies when those teeth first come in. We want to give you some safe and effective tips for you to help ease your little one’s pain.


Sometimes the old remedies are the best. Just like a bruise on an adult you put an ice pack on, cold therapy can help. Do not use an icepack! Those are filled with harmful chemicals that are poisonous to ingest. The best way we have found is to freeze a washcloth for about half an hour. Let your child chew on it. When using other items other than a washcloth, be sure it is big enough not to swallow.


A chilled banana can have a cooling and soothing effect. The consistency of a banana acts as a natural massager for your child’s gums and the chilling effect can help as well.

Gum Massage

Event without a natural ointment, a simple gum massage with your fingers could help relieve pain. Read your child’s body language to see what works best for them.


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